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A PONPON is a hand-crafted, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth confection that’s part cookie, part bon bon, and all luxurious indulgence. Every bite is a crisp and crumbly experience full of incredible flavour. It’s a true gourmet treat suitable for gifting and all your most special occasions.



It all started with a phone call from Lola.

“Lola” is what we call our grandmothers in the Philippines, and it was my Lola who introduced me to these marvelous cookies when I was little. My Lola is such an amazing cook that when she first came to Canada she supported her family by selling food, and these special treats were among the many Filipino dishes she was known for. 

One New Year’s Day, she invited me to her home so she could share with me all the recipes she brought with her to Canada back in 1978. If you have family recipes of your own, you know what a treasure they are. Among all the wonderful memories was her original recipe for what would become PONPONs.

I saw and tasted in her cookies an opportunity to create a truly unique, gourmet dessert. Working with my Lola’s recipe, I built off her original formula and created something new. The results were wonderful - and Lola approved, too!

Now, I’m delighted to be able to share our PONPONs with you.

Every PONPON artisan cookie is made by hand. And though the recipe has evolved over time, the two most important ingredients that Lola never left out are still there in every one - love and care.

Lola's Traditional Recipe

PONPON Artisan Cookies are based on a confection called Polvoron

Checkout Laine & Lola making PONPONS  using Lola's Traditional Polvoron recipe. 


Not only are they beautiful, making them ideal for any addition to a gift, but they're also delicious! I was expecting a firmly baked cookie, but instead was treated to a crumbly, and delicate sweet mouthful.

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Most unique amazing Polvoron   I have ever tasted, the platter was a total hit at the Christmas party!


...the mouth was blasted with the flavourful vanilla powder. As it melts away and dissipates, the flavour lingers slightly... these are ideal for someone who wants something light and not overly sugary. 

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My favourites were Strawberry, Matcha, Espresso, and Coconut, which I found to have the most prominent of their respective flavours. 

Stephanie Lau

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